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●phone Mate ○X02-25-2019 ■10:47 BJTBARCE■LONA, Spain〓, Feb. 24 -- C●hinese tec〓h company Huawei on ●Sunday its their ●Mate X, a ■foldable 5G ready ●s

martphone, at an● event attende■d by around 3,000 ●people held on the e●ve of the 2○019 Mobile World C〓ongress (MWC20◆19) which open○s here on Mo○nday.The Mat●e X has a 6.6-inc○h screen, which ca○n be opened■ out into an eight-i●nch OLED screen to a●llow the user to re◆ad or view vid●

eos."The Huawei ◆Mate X is a s○tep into unknown te◆rritory," confir●med Richard Yu, CEO〓 of Huawei's Consum◆er Business ●Group.He sa〓id the phone■ was a "maste◆rwork of enginee○ring" an

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d ●that it folded in ○an "almost perfec○t" manner, while it●s 5G capac

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ity● would help○ "change the world ●that we curren●tly know".○The Mate X has a ●Balong 5000〓

dable 5G smart

processor,〓 8 GB of RAM and 51〓2 GB internal mem●ory, which Yu co■mmented would m○a

ke it the "referen●ce point for the 5G ●smartphones still to◆ come".Other points ◆in favor of Hua●wei's new smar〓tphone are i●ts lightness and the● fact that e●ven when fold■ed it is only 11 mi○llimeters thick●.Meanwhile Yu highli◆ghted that the Mate○ X'

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